Serving the Pocono since 1978, F&F Paving & Excavating offers a variety of asphalt maintenance services. From construction of a newly paved driveway to removal and replacement of an existing driveway or parking area, F&F has the experience needed to complete any type of residential or commercial project. Also offering seal coating, line striping and general asphalt maintenance, the experts at F&F are equipped to help you maintain your investment.

If you’re considering this type of exterior upgrade to your home or business, F&F can answer all your questions and help you prepare for the project ahead. Here are some tips these pros gave us to get you started.

• What are some key factors to consider?

Key factors to consider when making the decision to pave and/or replace your driveway include the following:
• Increasing the “curb appeal” of your home, a neater/cleaner outside means cleaner inside i.e. less mud, dirt, dust, etc. into the home
• Less maintenance over time especially during the winter months makes for easier snow removal, snow blowing, etc.
• Paving provides the best overall value for your money when it comes to driveway options
• Is paving with asphalt the best option?

Paving with asphalt is the best option because it gives the best overall value for a driveway. It allows for a lasting product at a reasonable investment. Other options such as concrete can be more durable but the drawbacks are the considerable amount of work for installation, and it can be extremely expensive in comparison. Paver blocks may look more aesthetically pleasing however the cost can be similar to concrete or even more with less of a life span especially in winter conditions. Stone is by far the cheapest option but the maintenance is constant especially in the winter.

Though asphalt paving is still an investment of your home, it is by far the best value for its function.

• What’s the maintenance like?

With general maintenance of crack sealing and seal coating, a driveway can last upwards of ten to fifteen years in the right conditions. Also the initial maintenance of the driveway edges after installation is important. Backfilling the edges creates support to the weakest area of the driveway and will reduce the onset of cracking over time. Another good tip for extended maintenance is to try and limit the amount of large heavy truck deliveries or parking vehicles in the same spot over long periods of time. This reduces the heavy loading on a typical residential driveway and can reduce the occurrences of oil or gasoline spills which can be harmful to your driveway.

• What can I expect price-wise?

Driveway pricing can vary considerably on a case by case basis, which is why it is always recommended for a paving professional to come out and see your driveway in person and meet face to face. We offer free onsite estimates to customers and in most cases can provide pricing on the spot. Whether your driveway is existing asphalt, existing stone base, grass area, or concrete can all effect the amount of work which is required to prep your driveway for proper asphalt installation. However when the time comes to price the driveway, know what to look for and what questions to ask. If your driveway is already paved, if unknown, find out when the last time it was paved, and by whom? Also, in this case ask for two prices; one to completely remove the old asphalt and one to go over the existing asphalt. Ask what the plans are for any deteriorated areas, potholes, etc.

Tip: It is always recommended to remediate those bad areas prior to repaving.

• How can I prepare for our first meeting?

On any driveway, a paving professional is always going to measure the square footage area of the driveway to figure out their materials needed which is the basis for pricing. If possible roughly take these measurements beforehand yourself to compare your measurements to theirs. Ask questions about water drainage, if its not obvious ask what their plans for proper drainage will be? Ask how long they have been in business, if there are other jobs in the area they can see prior to making their decision. Talk to friends, neighbors and colleagues and get their recommendations. It is tempting and easy to just rely of a quick search engine result but try and educate yourself beyond that. The point is to educate yourself as much as possible as you’d do in any major purchase in life, with the result of you being happy and satisfied with the work done. Rely on the experience of the contractor and recommendations and try and refrain from bargain shopping, the result most always ends up being “you get what you pay for”.

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