I was in dire need of a revamp at home. I share my work space with 2 little ones in our office/playroom. Needless to say there isn’t much space for me.

I had put myself in the corner, to say the least, and they slowly took over. In “our” room there is a closet that became a place for me to toss things that I simply didn’t want to look at or that I didn’t have a particular place for. This is where I started. I simplified and got rid of or donated things that I haven’t even looked at in years!

Why? Well… this closet was going to become my new office! I would regain some office space plus have extra storage for the things I use. As an extra bonus, I could close the doors when I’m not working and the girls could have a run of the room without little hands getting curious about my computer the second I walk out of the room. I also made the room a little more fun for them by adding a chalk wall, pictures, storage for all the new toys and some wall art! Take a look at my office revamp!