When it comes to the entryway of my house, I constantly cringed walking through the front door. The space seemed small, the closet doors were constantly left open, and the closet became a collection of things from around the house that we never really used.

Thanks to Pinterest (an app I probably spend way to much time on) I found a variety of ways to transform my entryway. I knew I wanted to get rid of the bench because it seemed to take up too much space in an already narrow hallway. I also knew that I needed storage for our shoes and winter wear while still having a place to sit and put on our shoes.

I found exactly what I wanted on blog.katielamb.com. Katie gave a step by step tutorial on how to turn my ugly unused space into my dream nook!

We made our material list, ran to the store and got to work. The longest part of the project was painting and spackling, but this is the part that couldn’t be rushed because once the light hits the walls you could see it all! I chose to go with a darker fabric because let’s face it, kids. With my 7 and 9 year olds, light grey wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes.

I am so in love with the end result!