Whether you’re planning some routine maintenance, a home renovation, a new build, or fixing an issue in or around your home, deciding who to call is the first of many difficult decisions you’ll face. The contractor or tradesman you hire will ultimately shape your entire experience and can even alter the quality of your home.

We’ve all heard the horror stories – contractors cutting corners, charging for work that was never completed, unfulfilled promises or missed deadlines. Even worse, some might not even show up! Before handing over that deposit, how are you supposed to know who to trust? Let the Pocono Builders Association be your guide and help you take that important first step.

Representing the builders, remodelers, suppliers, and service providers of Northeastern Pennsylvania, the Pocono Builders Association exists to provide education, advocacy, economic development, and promote high standards. Providing a unified voice of the Pocono Mountain’s building industry, the PBA is dedicated to the collective creation of value for members and consumers. Together, the association has created a reliable one-stop shop for all consumer needs.

How do you know PBA members are reliable? Executive Director, Joan Molloy, explained to us why she has the utmost confidence in all of the association’s members. First, upon joining, each member has to be properly vetted and then they must take an oath to guarantee and uphold the bylaws of the association. Members of the association commonly work together and trust each other’s work which assists in the seamless transition between projects or elements of a job.

It’s no surprise that the industry is currently in over-drive with many contractors short on time and resources. Molloy reassures us that despite the obstacles, “you can still get high caliber contractor.” The PBA can provide a list of contractors that fit your criteria and from there you can speak with them each about your needs, schedule, etc. Also, Joan is always available to answer questions and offer key insight.

The Pocono Builders Association has a variety of tools available that will help you as you plan your next project. To begin, check out the PBA website which includes a complete member directory. Membership booklets are also available upon request. You can also find the PBA on Facebook and Instagram where they frequently share updates from members and other industry news.

Tackling any home project can be scary but the support of the PBA can help ease your fears. Before taking your first steps, reach out to the Pocono Builders Association and speak with members about their experience and your expectations.

Pocono Builders Association
(570) 421-9009 | 745 Main Street, Suite 203 • Stroudsburg, PA